Getting to know you


The quality of your Asheville home is their number one priority.  How do they achieve such a high level of quality on a day to day basis?  They are there to oversee all aspects of the building process. Your home is constantly monitored for quality with a critical and knowledgeable eye for every detail, on every level. 


Asheville has several floorplans for you to choose from for your new SunRidge Place home.  Their options are clear and simple.  The options you choose determine your price so you know what the cost of your new SunRidge Place home is ahead of time.  No surprise costs to you in the end.    


Asheville Homes streamlined building process allows them to cut their costs dramatically.  They have value engineered their blueprints to allow for the highest quality and maximum square footage at an affordable price.  


Asheville Homes are built with energy efficiency in mind.  The purchase price of a home is not the only factor when determining your budget in buying a new home.  The maintenance and utility costs must play a role in the decision process.  Asheville uses super-insulated walls which help reduce your monthly utility bills.  The use of engineered building components greatly reduces the waste produced when constructing your new home.  Overall, it's a win-win for the environment and your wallet. 


Any home builder can claim integrity, but Asheville we backs it up with their reputation.  They only use local, reputable subcontractors that they trust to work on your new home.  They know that deciding to build a new home is most likely the largest financial decision you will ever make.  Asheville Homes takes that seriously.